Plan Pro

    Plan Pro

    $9,933.00 USD
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    welcome to our wholesale program, which you will be able to sell our products with, anywhere in the world, with no need of paying freight or having stock either.


    Our wholesale program is the perfect chance to generate incomes, even if you have your own business and desire to complete it with our products, or simply you are about to start your business or entrepreneurship project. By making part of our Distribution Program you'll get benefits and special discounts for purchasing our products, which you'll be able to directly sell to your final clients anywhere in the world and generate incomes, recovering your initial investment easily.

    This Plan includes: 

    - 140 Boxes

    - Shipping over 130 countries.

    - Free Shipping via Fedex.

    -2 to 10 business day shipping.

    - Free storage in our warehouse.

    -Editable files of our 3D models, DWC,Sketchup, 3D MAXS, 3DS.

    - Technical support 24/7

    -Multimedial content, photos, videos.

    - Physical Catalogue.

    - Free sample of each panel reference.


    ¿All boxes must be of the same reference, or can I order different references?

    You can choose the same reference (If you desire) or the different references. Our 11 different references are all available for you.

    ¿What happens if customs in my country charges inbound taxes for products coming from abroad? 

    Don't worry, with our plan of distribution you or your clients will receive our product anywhere in the world, without paying for additional taxes or expenses.

    ¿If I subscribe to the plan, would I be the only authorized distributor in my country?

    No, in Habitarte we do not work under exclusivity contracts. Nevertheless, if someone in your country needs to see the product personally to do a purchase, we will redirect him to you.